As the cold moves in, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to animals.

Car engines: ALWAYS double-check under your car and hood for little furry friends, especially cats, before turning on the engine. Cats like to camp out there to keep warm and sheltered.

Fleas/Ticks: I’m not sure if you all remember the post about how fleas and ticks around here don’t care what season it is, they will still be around. Because of the North Carolina weather (Winter for a week then Spring the next), fleas and ticks are still looking for hosts. Just remember, keep your dogs and cats on YEAR ROUND heartworm and flea/tick prevention.

Decorations: Even though it makes your home look cute and smell nice, it can be an issue for four-legged children. Cats love knocking things off of surfaces, trying to catch ornaments or hanging decorations, certain flowers and plants can be harmful as well. For dogs and cats, they can easily become foreign bodies which are expensive. And I know you want to get all of the smelly candles and things from Bath & Body Works or TJ MAXX (No promo), but sometimes certain scents can bother your pet.

Last but not least…

Treats: Pancreatitis is the gift that keeps on giving, especially in the veterinary world. Excessive treats and table scraps can and will cause your pet to have an upset stomach that can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, tense abdomen, and more.

By Rose Quince, RVT