Not only is September the month of the Service Dog and Happy Cat month, it is also Animal Pain Awareness Month.

When humans are in pain, we show it by limping when it comes to limbs, being hesitant to do things, and we even say when we are in pain. Our animals can’t tell us when and where they are hurting, so we have to pay special attention to their body language.

Some pets handle pain differently. Some pets will hunch their backs and tense up, others won’t eat or drink, pant, or even shake. Some pets, especially cats, will hide and not want to interact with you.

So how do you know what is hurting them? The pain isn’t always localized so it can be difficult to figure out. That’s why we recommend always going to the vet to narrow it down. Even if we don’t find what exactly is causing the pain, we can at least try to manage it using a variety of treatments. But, keep in mind, each pet is different and cannot be compared to other (similar) cases.

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